Most people are confused about how diet and exercise specifically affects them. Lots of time and money are spent each year on exercise equipment and the latest diet fads with disappointing results. The concepts strategies and training methodologies at Guaranteed Fitness Plus have been developed through the teachings of sports doctors and scientists from around the world, as well as, working with thousands of clients inside our personal training studios.


Guaranteed Fitness has been in the personal fitness training business for over 38 years. We have developed tried and tested training programs which synergistically manipulate three critical components based on the laws of adaptation, which are responsible for changing the body in the most efficient way possible.


The Guaranteed Fitness Plus training system has been designed so that all of the guess work has been eliminated, which benefits the client, as well as, the trainer who is responsible for proper implementation. The program is automatic and only needs the consistency of the clients and their follow through. This program is so powerful, that it will only take a client 3 hours or less per week to achieve maximum fitness.


Guaranteed Fitness Plus through its evolution has taken another step towards sharing the benefit of proper training and nutrition with the development of a unique business opportunity.


Guaranteed Fitness Plus is now offering turnkey personal fitness training for those individuals who want to take their passion for fitness to another level, help get people in the best shape of their lives and get paid.


The philosophy of Guaranteed Fitness Plus personal fitness training studios is an extension of the Guaranteed Fitness Plus training system. We have developed an unfailing system for the owner so that all of the confusion of how to fully operate a studio has been eliminated.


All decisions dealing with each aspect of training, nutrition and running the business have been addressed. The owner just has to follow the easy and well thought-out business model. The rest is automatic.


Personal Training Made Affordable


The Guaranteed Fitness Plus training system and programs are so powerful and efficient that it is possible to train 2-3 clients at once and still meet each and every client’s specific exercise and nutritional objectives. This design allows the client the luxury of a personal trainer on a full-time basis, yet it is extremely affordable.

Benefits of Owning Your Own Guaranteed Fitness Plus


Guaranteed Fitness Plus has made personal training affordable for clients and now has developed a feasible business opportunity for those individuals who want to take their passion for fitness to another level.


Getting individuals in the best shape of their lives and getting paid for it.


The strategy and training philosophy for the Guaranteed Fitness Plus personal training studios has been a work in progress for more than thirty eight years with the objectives for the owner being very similar to those of the clients who train in Guaranteed Fitness studios.


We have eliminated all of the guess work. The business owner can be confident knowing that every last detail has been addressed. We know how every aspect of the business should be run.


We have created a business model that is user friendly and is essentially designed to be automatic. All the owners or trainers have to do is follow the complete system which will make all of the decisions at the right time whether it is in the exercise and nutrition part of the program or any of the day-to-day operations.


The initial start up cost for a Guaranteed Fitness Plus is small especially when compared to start up costs for Gold’s Gym or a 24 Hour Fitness franchise. The return on money invested in a Guaranteed Fitness Plus is within 18–25 months depending upon the market demographics. This is a very immediate return compared to a typical gym franchise.


Profit margins are high. We have designed a business model that has a low overhead which dramatically increases quick profits. We have designed Guaranteed Fitness Plus studios so that it only takes two trainers to operate a training studio at full capacity.


For those owner operators who don’t want to deal with employees, payroll taxes or workmen’s comp, this is definitely a benefit. However, for those owners who would rather be hands-off managers, this possibility exists since there is such a high profit margin. It still only takes two trainers to train in a studio which is at full capacity. It’s a win-win situation.



We will provide excellent, comprehensive technical support initially and for those owners who want technical support on an ongoing basis, that additional service is available.


Whether you own or are a client at Guaranteed Fitness Plus everyone benefits



Business Investment Opportunity

This is a business opportunity that is specific to owning a personal fitness training studio. Our objective and responsibility is to set up a personal training studio as a turnkey operation for the potential business owner. We will be responsible for setting up and ensuring every detail is covered to have the studio ready for operations, this includes: 1) Purchasing of all exercise equipment that is required for the operation at prices below retail. 2) Providing training and certification programs for the personal trainers and owners. 3) Negotiating the site location and lease. 4)Furnishing computer training and a software program for tracking the functions of daily operations and protocols that are to be executed, such as billing procedures, trainer time sheets, daily activity reports, etc. 5) Marketing, internal and external, including a personal advertisement written by a professional ad writer specific to marketing the personal fitness training business.


The philosophy and concept of Guaranteed Fitness was developed more than 38 years ago by Leo Costa, Jr. Guaranteed Fitness operates as a personal fitness training center utilizing personal trainers who set up and implement specific exercises and diet programs based on client goals and objectives. Each client is required to commit to a 3 day per week program in which each session is completely supervised by a Guaranteed Fitness Trainer. Guaranteed Fitness prides itself on getting clients in the best shape of their lives, so much so, we are even willing to put our money where our mouth is, which is indicated in the name Guaranteed Fitness. Our philosophy is simple and straight forward. GET IN SHAPE or GET YOUR MONEY BACK. This is a bold statement and a guarantee that is unheard of in the fitness industry.

The reason Guaranteed Fitness is able to guarantee results, is rooted in the concept and philosophy developed by Leo Costa, Jr. more than 38 years ago. Leo has trained thousands of clients in his own training studio enabling him to perfect and develop a training system which includes very innovative exercise and nutritional strategies for getting people in incredible shape very quickly. Besides being a world class competitive body builder, Leo has traveled all over the world teaching seminars and workshops on his unique training system, as well as, working with leading authorities on exercise and nutrition. This has included being one of few Americans invited to Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Russia, Czech) to study with their Olympic athletes, as well as, sports doctors, coaches, and their most respected scientists. In addition, Leo has authored size exercise training manuals which are sold worldwide.

All clients who train at a Guaranteed Fitness Plus will soon recognize that they are working with true professionals who really do care about their clients and their results. The training atmosphere at Guaranteed Fitness Plus is highly productive, energetic and pure. The selected exercise and training programs have been proven in the trenches and will always work to get clients in the best shape of their lives.

In addition to getting clients in great physical shape, Guaranteed Fitness Plus is friendly to their pocketbooks. Our training system and philosophy is so efficient, that we are able to train 2-3 clients at one time, all the while addressing each and every client’s specific training objectives, which makes hiring a personal trainer on a full-time basis extremely affordable.


Our Unique Selling Proposition

Our hands-on approach dramatically improves the success of the new owners because they are experiencing how personal training and the business should operate in real time, instead of out of a book. We have perfected the Micro Circuit Training System (MCT), which is unique, because it takes the guess work out of how exercise and diet should specifically be implemented in order to get individuals in the best shape of their lives.

Five to six people per hour can be trained simultaneously with their own specific fitness goals always being a priority. People with any fitness goal, which include those who are novice, injured, pro-athletes, or interested in getting in the best shape of their lives will benefit from MCT.

Most personal trainers have to charge very high rates in order to make personal training a full-time profession which limits their market. We can certainly charge high rates; however, our philosophy is to share the benefit of personal training with more than just the affluent.

Part of our training strategy and philosophy is to create a product that is more affordable, so clients can workout with a trainer consistently through time. This is the only way a client will get the real results for which they are looking. Our suggested rates vary from $15.50 - $20.00 per session.


Leo’s Credentials

Leo has been in the personal fitness training business for over 40 years. He has owned and operated 4 training studios. He has authored 7 exercise training manuals which are sold worldwide.

He is a nationally known educator; a level one weight lifting coach with the United States Weight Lifting Federation. Additionally, Leo has competed in bodybuilding at the national level and won the NABBA Mr. USA Heavyweight Division, as well as, competing for the prestigious Mr. World title.

Leo is a highly sought-after personal trainer who coaches football, baseball, and track professionals along with many famous athletes, celebrities, and special force soldiers, such as, the Navy Seals.

Leo started his personal training business more than 38 years ago as an extension of his bodybuilding experiences. He has always been interested in discovering new ways to challenge the mind and body to reach its athletic potential.

Leo has taken this attitude and philosophy with his personal training clientele. His goal is to get people in the best shape of their lives and to help them reach their full potential.


The Guaranteed Fitness Plus Team

Every aspect of opening the new studio will be guided by the Guaranteed Fitness Plus Team. Marketing, advertising, and pre-selling of the studio, which will start approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the official opening will be assisted every step of the way. The new owner will be taught and trained in everything necessary that pertains to the day-to-day operations, including certification of personal trainers.

Guaranteed Fitness Plus staff will be on location for 4 weeks doing sales consultations, helping with the set up of new clients and their training programs, and creating the proper personal training environment

Leases will be negotiated, construction coordinated, and fixtures, supplies and equipment ordered. Furthermore, critical timelines will be developed and adhered to for seamless and coordinated development of the entire project starting approximately 6 weeks prior to pre-selling and job function will continue until the studio is finished. The final details of the placement and positioning of the equipment along with a pleasing aesthetics and professional gym environment will be created.

To round out a successful start-up, computer training and installation of all software programs, which includes, everything related to the day-to-day operation of the business, such as billing protocol, trainer responsibilities, etc. will be provided. The installation of the MCT system which is the training protocol that trainers will follow will also be put in place for the new owners.

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